Depression as gift

Kirsten's mom was an astrologer. She read my chart when I was 20 and I could not discount the truths she shared with me - her knowledge of my past was too exact.

She explained how depression is a gift. It's a guide and motivator to fix what you know is wrong. She also told me that when I was 40 I would reach something. I would write a book, fall in love or become famous in the small authentic way. Something.

I'm almost 39 and I'm receiving the gifts from the depression I feel today: clarity and pathways for when it passes.

I only met Kirsten's mom a few times. She was killed a year or so after this by a car while jogging. It's amazing how one conversation can change everything. She gave me something to move towards and a place to honor pain.

Photo:  I took the day off and noticed the fine work a spider has done on an older piece.