Winter Park

Krissy was so upset that she had lock jaw on our final days at the lodge. We had been living there for the last 3+ months during ski season. We were both 21 and shared a ground level room with Sue from Syracuse. Krissy was a Texan from Dallas and this is where she and I were headed to next!

So much dysfunction had transpired over the last 90 some days. Debbie, the cook was progressively more insane and abusive. She had imprisoned Justin and Krissy in the sauna, at one point. War waged in the kitchen daily with team Debbie running the ship. We had filed a complaint with the manager, but since Colorado is a ‘will to work state’ Carol wasn’t wiling to get rid of the cook.

I had hit 97 days boarding on the mountain ~ this is why I had moved here in the first place. It had become a playground where we would all run into each other and into the locals on the slopes. We would ride together for some time and then break apart and merge again or not. We could go home for lunch and then go back out. The main resort was Mary Jane, but the best part of Winter Park was Berthoud Pass which was organized backcountry. Justin and his brother, Jason and I would often hit these thrilling back country runs together. There was nothing quite like cutting a new path thru trees with these two boys. Krissy was more of a home body, but when she came out, was my biggest fan on the mountain and convinced me that I was on my way to sponsorship (HA!).

Krissy and I raided the sundae bar at the lodge nightly and both gained weight over time (duh). At some point we started cutting back and I think we even tried to work out in our room together. Krissy and Justin had fallen in love in the midst of all of it ~ it was fascinating to my still adolescent mind. Justin was in his later 20’s and it was quite thrilling to see this romance unfold like the teenage smut tales of Sweet Valley High. He was a veteran at the lodge and a total babe, a sweetheart and an outdoorsman, originally from Jacksonville. Justin and Jason had moved to Colorado years prior with Lisa. Lisa worked in the office and was newly married to Jason. They were expecting their first babe.

Krissy could not properly say goodbye to Justin with a french kiss and this frustration made her eyes well up. But we hopped into her SUV and burned rubber on our way to Texas, yee-haw!! I would spend a week with her before heading to Seattle on a train/bus combo. The second half of my time in Dallas was on a big old ranch outside the city, at the Koons 3-day family reunion. Krissy and I did a vegetable fast the whole time and we pledged another 2 days when we parted. Subsequently, I felt so deliriously high on the multi-day transit that cut West to California and then up the coast, I basically went into hibernation and I’m sure other riders assumed I was on drugs.

Krissy and Justin married. I was in Seattle and we had separate existences. 14 years went by.

Krissy and Justin were on their way home from a family reunion when Krissy was killed. They were stopped up on the highway at some construction when a semi slammed them from behind. The Monday Lisa informed me, my car was stolen from Northgate Mall while Margaux and I were getting Santa photos. I just laughed at how absurd the world is.

Three years ago Jason and Lisa and I came together over this tragedy. Today we no longer can speak because they are part of the Trump apostolate. Our innocence is buried and we can’t see over this wedge; Here we are, pitted against each other with Trump running the kitchen. I’m certain Jason is somewhere in the woods and I’m certain that he is more ok than any of us.

I can’t find a picture of Krissy, but she’s burned in my head. I think of her whenever I log into my accounts as her nickname for me is often my username.