Greg is a good number of years older than me and so growing up we weren’t peers. He was the tall skinny science computer guy. Michael was the musician with amazing hair and Brian was somewhere in-between. Eve was a dancer and I idolized her.

The other Enslows’ seemed pretty perfect to me. They ate dinner together. They had a nice house that had enough rooms so nobody had to double up. They didn’t move all the time.

At some point we all found ourselves grown up enough to become friends beyond cousins. I will never forget the thrill of running into Greg and Christin on the playa. This experience burned down my notions of who I thought Greg was and I saw for the first time how dynamic he is; a fan of good fun and weirdness. I missed their playa wedding because I forgot what day it was (this happens at Burningman). I missed their Seattle wedding because I got trapped at Carnival… such is life, but now is the time to show up.

Just over a year ago we sat on the patio with Michael, Greg explained that he wasn’t having a drink because he had some medical stuff going on. Later we would all go to SEAF because I had a few sculptures in the show. We had Chinese food. It was a hoot! Greg was diagnosed with cancer that week. And so, that was the last time we would hang out in that way.
Two weeks ago at our visit I was nervous. What do I talk about when nothing matters. How do I handle my sadness when it cannot compare to the sadness Christin endures and, of course, Greg too.

I think in life we live for each other. So what do you do when you don’t get to choose life anymore and you know you are soon leaving the people you live for?

I see a softness in Greg that I never noticed before. I know he’s proud of me and damn that means a lot because we are so different, but when you strip it down and all the static of life shuts off, we can see that we are all just trying to be; Thats all we are ever trying to do ~ find comfort in our skin. I see Greg now and I realize that there is nothing left for us to do but be here with him. This is were the comfort is now. We love you Greg.

Pic: we found each-other on the playa and won an award for most family members. Lily was in Eves belly and so we were a party of 6. Greg as superman <3, 2009.

We will never forget Greg.